Vikings more comfortable in year two under Schmidt

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The 2018 Evergreen football team.

The 2018 Evergreen football team.

Max Householder | Swanton Enterprise

Junior Jack Etue returns at quarterback for the Vikings this season.

Drew Stambaugh | Swanton Enterprise

2018 Roster
1Chandler Lumbrezer12WR/DB
2Jack Etue11QB/DB
3Payton Boucher9QB/LB
4David Carroll12WR/DB
5Hunter VanWert12RB/DB
6Brock Hudik9WR/DB
7Tanner Pollard10QB/LB
8Hunter Svoboda12WR/DB
9Bryce Hudik12WR/DB
10Zach Lumbrezer12WR/DB
11Jacob Riggs10RB/DB
13Tristan Cordray11TE/DB
14Colin Smith10WR/DB
15Austin Pennington9WR/DB
16David Fuller10TE/DE
18Brian Floyd11RB/LB
20Anthony Sanders12WR/DB
21Trent Coopshaw10RB/LB
22Isaiah Ziegler12TE/LB
23Karter Herdman9RB/LB
25Brandon Taylor11RB/DE
32Jack Krispin11TE/LB
34Jared Mitchey12WR/DB
40Landon Vance9TE/DE
44Nick Beemer11TE/LB
45Noah Harris12TE/LB
50Isaac Yunker12OL/DE
51Cody Sheller9OL/DL
52Joe Mitchey9OL/DL
53Colten Pawlaczyk12OL/DE
55Jacob Fuller10OL/LB
56Bryce Eisel12OL/LB
57Ashton Sayers9OL/DL
61Jack Worline12OL/DL
66Logan York10OL/LB
67Tyler Peppers11OL/DL
70Brenden Matuszak10OL/DL
71Will Smithmyer11OL/DL
77Levi Moore11OL/DL
79Jace Jenkins12OL/DL

There is a bit of a buzz surrounding the Evergreen football team ahead of the 2018 season.

Last year, the first season under head coach Aaron Schmidt, the Vikings finished just under .500 at 4-6. Although they were picked to finish near the back of the pack at seventh in the Northwest Ohio Athletic League, many feel they will be contenders this season.

Schmidt could already see a difference in his team at the start of practice this summer, in that everything was more familiar to them.

“Last year, when we were putting in a whole new offense, everybody was a freshman,” said the coach. “It was everybody’s first year. It was a lot more difficult. This year coming in, the kids already have the terminology. They already have the experience in knowing what we expect out of them.”

Furthermore, bringing back 14 letter winners helps a coach tremendously when entering his second year at a program.

Returning for the Vikings are Jack Etue (honorable mention All-NWOAL), David Carroll, Hunter VanWert (first team All-NWOAL, honorable mention all-district), Hunter Svoboda (honorable mention All-NWOAL), Brian Floyd, Trent Coopshaw, Isaiah Ziegler, Jack Krispin (honorable mention All-NWOAL), Nick Beemer (second team All-NWOAL, honorable mention all-district), Isaac Yunker (honorable mention All-NWOAL), Colten Pawlaczyk (honorable mention All-NWOAL), Bryce Eisel (honorable mention All-NWOAL), Jack Worline (honorable mention All-NWOAL) and Logan York.

The Vikings, much like last season, will lean heavily on VanWert.

“When you have a kid that runs an 11 flat 100 meter dash, you want to get him the ball,” stated Schmidt. “He’s a home run threat everytime he gets it. We want to run him but you know, we also want to make sure we try and stay balanced.

“I think we’ve got some weapons on the outside this year that are gonna be able to help take a little bit of the pressure off. So he (VanWert) is not running against 8, 9-man boxes all the time. Maybe we can get a 7-man box every once in awhile.”

But first, the Vikings will need their veteran offensive line to create holes for the talented tailback.

“It’s got to start with the offensive line,” said Schmidt on the offense. “We have, not big guys, but a lot of those guys this will be their third year starting. It’s good to have that security blanket of kids knowing where we’re supposed to go. They can make checks on the line.”

It will also be Etue’s third season starting under center for the Vikings. With another year under his belt, and now an upperclassmen, look for him to take charge of the offense this season.

“He really worked hard this offseason,” said Schmidt. “Worked on mechanics, worked on throwing motion, worked on strength. Got in the weight room. And I think just leadership too. He is more confident in himself and he’s gonna be able to run our offense more confidently I think than last year.”

The Vikings should be much improved on the defensive side of the ball as well. “We got a lot of guys coming back that are really gonna be able to do some good things for us,” said the Viking mentor.

The anchor of the unit will undoubtedly be Beemer, returning for his junior season after lettering as a sophomore.

“He’s just gotten bigger and stronger,” explained Schmidt. “We foresee that he’s gonna be a force to be reckoned with inside. We are looking for him to be a big time player for us.”

One thing the Vikings are not short on is leadership with the return of 15 seniors. A few have stood out to coach Schmidt.

“We’ve had a lot of guys step up already,” he said. “We have two captains that return (this) year. Colten Pawlaczyk as our center, and Bryce Eisel is another one. They’ve kind of taken those leadership roles.”

The Vikings are looking to make the jump to a winning season in 2018. The foundation is there, and they hope the results will follow.

Evergreen opens the season at Otsego Friday.

The 2018 Evergreen football team. 2018 Evergreen football team. Max Householder | Swanton Enterprise

Junior Jack Etue returns at quarterback for the Vikings this season. Jack Etue returns at quarterback for the Vikings this season. Drew Stambaugh | Swanton Enterprise

By Max Householder

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2018 Roster
No. Name Grade Position
1 Chandler Lumbrezer 12 WR/DB
2 Jack Etue 11 QB/DB
3 Payton Boucher 9 QB/LB
4 David Carroll 12 WR/DB
5 Hunter VanWert 12 RB/DB
6 Brock Hudik 9 WR/DB
7 Tanner Pollard 10 QB/LB
8 Hunter Svoboda 12 WR/DB
9 Bryce Hudik 12 WR/DB
10 Zach Lumbrezer 12 WR/DB
11 Jacob Riggs 10 RB/DB
13 Tristan Cordray 11 TE/DB
14 Colin Smith 10 WR/DB
15 Austin Pennington 9 WR/DB
16 David Fuller 10 TE/DE
18 Brian Floyd 11 RB/LB
20 Anthony Sanders 12 WR/DB
21 Trent Coopshaw 10 RB/LB
22 Isaiah Ziegler 12 TE/LB
23 Karter Herdman 9 RB/LB
25 Brandon Taylor 11 RB/DE
32 Jack Krispin 11 TE/LB
34 Jared Mitchey 12 WR/DB
40 Landon Vance 9 TE/DE
44 Nick Beemer 11 TE/LB
45 Noah Harris 12 TE/LB
50 Isaac Yunker 12 OL/DE
51 Cody Sheller 9 OL/DL
52 Joe Mitchey 9 OL/DL
53 Colten Pawlaczyk 12 OL/DE
55 Jacob Fuller 10 OL/LB
56 Bryce Eisel 12 OL/LB
57 Ashton Sayers 9 OL/DL
61 Jack Worline 12 OL/DL
66 Logan York 10 OL/LB
67 Tyler Peppers 11 OL/DL
70 Brenden Matuszak 10 OL/DL
71 Will Smithmyer 11 OL/DL
77 Levi Moore 11 OL/DL
79 Jace Jenkins 12 OL/DL

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Reach Max Householder at 419-335-2010