SHS student charged with inducing panic

Staff Report

A Swanton student has been charged following a threat on Friday.

On Friday, during the afternoon bus ride, a Swanton High School student allegedly made a threat to carry out an act of violence at the high school, according to a message from superintendent Chris Lake. The threat was promptly reported to the administration and the police were contacted.

After conducting an investigation, a Swanton High School student was taken into custody by the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office and charged with inducing panic.

“It is imperative that all students understand the seriousness with which these threats are taken. All threats will be investigated by law enforcement, and in the current climate students are being charged,” said the message from Lake. “Students cannot simply say ‘I was joking’ and expect there to be no consequences.”

The school district administration thanked the students and parents who reported this latest threat.

“In these troubled times our best defense is information. If we know of potential threats appropriate action can be taken. Please remember this simple motto, ‘If you see something, say something,’” Lake said.

Staff Report