SHS conducts volleyball camp

The Swanton varsity volleyball team held a camp last week for elementary and middle school volleyball players. At the end of the camp the various participants got together for a group photo.

The girls practice their work at the net.

The campers work on serving and various other techniques at a volleyball camp held last week at Swanton High School.

The Swanton Volleyball Camp was held last week for elementary and middle school girls at the high school. There was a great turnout of 50 girls that attended.

The girls did a tremendous job of listening, working hard, and having fun.

The coaching staff would like to thank the campers, the high school girls who helped, and the parents for the great week of camp. A flyer regarding an elementary volleyball program to be conducted this fall was sent home with the girls. We hope to see them there as well as their friends. The volleyball program will also be holding a car wash on Saturday, July 25 at Jones Optometrists.