Swanton switching to Hometown Ticketing for athletic events

Swanton Athletics will be a cashless campus for the 2022-23 school year. Tickets for all home Swanton sporting events this year will be sold online through Hometown Ticketing.

Fans are highly encouraged to download the Hometown Fan App. On the app, fans are able to search “Swanton High School” or “Swanton Middle School” to find the event they are attending to purchase tickets. Purchased tickets will be stored in the app and can be pulled up at the respective event to be scanned for entry. Tickets for events at opposing schools that also utilize Hometown Ticketing can be purchased through this app as well by typing their school’s name in the search bar.

Announcements will be sent out prior to an event at an opposing school that requires tickets to be purchased online. Tickets for home athletic events can also be purchased online at www.swantonathletics.org/event-tickets.