BGSU AD: Football may be played in the spring

BGSU AD: Sport may be played in the spring

By Jack Carle -

The timeline for making a decision on college football to be played this fall is narrowing every day.

“Is there a timeline? I think probably that late July, early August is a time frame that we have to make those decisions,” said Bob Moosbrugger, Bowling Green’s athletic director, in a virtual meeting with the media on Wednesday.

“It’s ongoing and you need to continue to prepare for that (fall season),” Moosbrugger added. “It’s well documented that football is a sport that we rely on to help fund a lot of our athletic department budget.

“One way or another, we will play football at some point in this academic year, whether that’s the fall or the spring, because that’s how critical it is (money wise),” he added. “So that’s why I think everything has to be on the table and why the MAC (Mid-American) Conference has said from the beginning that spring football is a possibility.”

Currently the BGSU football team is working with a six-week program to get ready for the fall season.

“We continue to update our student-athletes, our coaches, our staff with the best information we have available at the time. All that could change tomorrow,” Moosbrugger said.

There have been many major discussions on whether to play college football in the fall or in the spring at all levels.

“It’s the model we have to be planning for,” Moosbrugger said. “I know there is a lot of conversation in regards to that model and wanting to play in the fall.

“There are a lot of challenges, no question,” he continued. “But if health and safety is one of our top priorities then we have to look at that model and see if that is the safest thing for our student-athletes.

“I don’t want people to give up just yet,” he added.

Another major question is if football is moved to the spring, how games can be played and how many games can be played in fall 2021 after just a couple of months between the two seasons.

“It’s ongoing and you need to continue to prepare for that (fall season),” Moosbrugger said.

Even if football is moved to the spring, Moosbrugger hopes that some sports could still be played in the fall.

“There are some low-contact sports, low-risk sports, that possibly could we move to the fall,” Moosbrugger said.

“I am very hopeful that we can still have fall sports. … We also have to be planning for the spring semester. There are all kinds of scenarios on the table and fall sports are still, in my opinion, on the table and let’s keep moving forward towards those fall sports.

“If we do move all these events and it’s selfish to play in the spring, what does that schedule really look like,” he added. “Is it going to be conference games only in the spring?”

In addition to moving fall sports to the spring, the question is will it be better or is the pandemic still a problem.

“The answer is, we will have five more months of knowledge about this pandemic that we can use,” Moosbrugger said. “I think that will be helpful, so I think that is certainly why people are pushing for a spring season. It’s still unknown if that’s going to be true or not.”

In an overall view at BGSU, it is still undecided about how classes will take place for the fall semester

“There are things that we can do online that are streamlining some of our processes,” Moosbrugger said. “The financial aspect of students coming back to campus and coming back to be in person is critical to us.

“We have heard from our students that they want the full college experience. They do not want to pay for online learning,” he added. “We will see what remains to be seen in regards to how the university’s in-person, hybrid model works out.

“The typical college, collegiate experience is about coming to college, being in person, living in the residence halls. … I don’t want people to give up just yet. For the sake of our students and our student-athletes, from what I have been told, they want that experience.”

BGSU AD: Sport may be played in the spring