Swanton girls track team wins Edgerton Invitational

Staff Report

On Friday afternoon Swanton took part in the Edgerton Invitational where they had a nice showing. The girls won the event with 103 points to Fairview’s 100 points, while the boys placed third with 86.5 points.

Winning events for the Swanton girls were Bobbie Oberle in the 100m hurdles and long jump, Brooke Oberle (100m), and Jasmin Kenzie (high jump).

The Bulldogs had a winning relay team in the 4x100m relay, consisting of Jayden Hendricks, Bobbie Oberle, Audrey Szalapski and Brooke Oberle.

For the boys, Dylan Gilsdorf won the 1600m, Brett Bettinger the 3200m, and Dean Croskey was first in the shot put. The Bulldogs’ 4×800 relay of Bettinger, Donovan Avalos, Blake Szalapski and Gilsdorf won with a time of 8:59.04.


Swanton track and field split a dual meet at Archbold Tuesday, April 23. The girls defeated the Blue Streaks 65-51, but the boys fell by a final of 82-33.

The girls were led by Brooke Dockery who won both the 400m and 800m. Sammi Taylor was first in the shot put and discus for the Bulldogs.

They also got titles from Bobbie Oberle in the 100m hurdles, Brooke Oberle (100m), Avril Roberts (high jump) and Hannah Grabke (pole vault).

Swanton had a winning relay team in the 4×100 meter relay, consisting of Taylor, Carol Vargas, Audrey Szalapski and Brooke Oberle.

The Bulldog boys garnered three titles. Brett Bettinger won the 1600m, Dylan Gilsdorf the 800m, and Dean Croskey shot put.

Archbold Dual


Archbold 82, Swanton 33

4×800- Archbold (Ruffer, Johns, Hageman, Cobb), 10:14.8; 110 hurdles- Zimmerman (A), 22.5; 100- Tijerina (A), 11.5; 4×200- Archbold (Cruz, Gomez, Theobald, Grime), 1:39; 1600- Bettinger (S), 58.3; 4×100- Archbold (Cruz, Gomez, Grime, Tijerina), 47; 400- Peters (S), 57; 800- Gilsdorf (S), 2:13.1; 200- Theobald (A), 24.3; 4×400- Archbold (Grime, Roth, Zimmerman, Theobald), 3:47.1; Discus- Gladieux (A), 134-4; High jump- Zimmerman (A), 5-6; Long jump- Zimmerman (A), 19-7; Shot- Croskey (S), 46-7; Vault- Ranzau (A), 10-0.


Swanton 65, Archbold 51

4×800- Archbold (Regan Ramirez, Karley Ramirez, Riley, Brittney Ramirez), 11:07.6; 100 hurdles- Bobbie Oberle (S), 16.6; 100- Brooke Oberle (S), 13.5; 4×200- Archbold (Richardson, Riley, Pena, Brittney Ramirez), 1:55.7; 1600- Karley Ramirez (A), 6:07.3; 4×100- Swanton (Taylor, Vargas, Szalapski, Brooke Oberle), 58.3; 400- Dockery (S), 1:10.3; 800- Dockery (S), 2:37.4; 200- Pena (A), 30.1; 4×400- Archbold (Brittney Ramirez, Pena, Riley, Hudson), 4:40.3; Discus- Taylor (S), 106-10; High jump- Roberts (S), 4-8; Long jump- Richardson (A), 15-10.5; Shot- Taylor (S), 32-4.75; Vault- Grabke (S), 9-6.


Staff Report