Athletic hall of fame nominations being accepted

Staff Report

The Swanton High School Athletic Department is accepting nominations for its 2019 hall of fame class.

All nominations are due no later than Jan. 11, 2019. Anyone wishing to submit a nomination should do so using the following criteria.

1) Former Swanton High School male/female athlete or outstanding team that demonstrated athletic success or significant contributions in the area of athletics. Or someone who has served as a role model for today’s student athletes. These nominees must be out of high school for at least 10 years.

2) A former Swanton High School

a. Head Coach, assistant, volunteer coach

b. Athletic Trainer/Team physician

c. Head/Assistant athletic director

These candidates must be retired from the system for two years.

3) Special Category

a. Need not be a graduate of Swanton High School

b. Support Personnel

i. Boosters

ii. Contest Personnel (clock keeper, scorer, chains, etc.)

c. Athletic accomplishments achieved after attending Swanton High School

All nominees will be kept in the active file for five votes, at which time nominees will be removed from consideration. Should the same person be nominated again they will remain in the active file for another cycle of five votes.

Address letters to Swanton High School Athletic Director at 601 N. Main Street, Swanton, OH 43558. If questions, call the athletic department at 419-826-3045.

Staff Report