Letter to the Editor

Vote no on marijuana legalization

Kudos to Ohio Auditor Mr. Dave Yost and Fulton County’s Prosecutor Mr. Scott Haselman for their explanation in the Sept. 8, 2015 Swanton Enterprise of the issues relating to the legalization of marijuana in the state of Ohio. How many liberal laws do we have to pass before we realize that we are sliding to Gomorrah.

Legalizing marijuana in Ohio is like giving alcohol to an alcoholic. Research is showing potential changes in brain tissue, crime rates are likely to rise, auto accidents are likely to increase just as they do as a result of DUI from alcohol and other mind altering drugs and it’s suspected that marijuana users are very likely to progress to the use of stronger, more dangerous drugs.

Users of marijuana say it’s a harmless natural plant and it should be available to use. Well, poison ivy is a natural plant too but I choose not to get close to it for obvious reasons. Those that you the natural plant excuse have already been affected beyond common sense, in my opinion.

Vote Yes on Issue Two and No on Issue Three.

Roger Schlade


Vote no on marijuana legalization