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Don’t cut Energy Star program

Whenever a customer walks through the front door looking to buy a new home appliance, only a few factors are considered before a purchase is made: the appliance’s price, reliability, and energy efficiency.

While the price is printed on the label and reliability open to debate, questions about an appliance’s energy efficiency, and what it means in terms of cost-savings down the road, generally comes down to the presence of the little, blue Energy Star label. And in my experience, the label is usually one of the biggest selling points, helping to drive sales for decades.

According to the program’s website, nearly half of all American households reported purchasing an Energy Star-certified product in 2015.

Despite the success, I’m now hearing rumors that our representatives in Washington are looking to reduce or even possibly eliminate the Energy Star program entirely. I’m hopeful this isn’t the case, and that Congressman Latta does what he can to keep it off the chopping block.

Charles Saunders


Don’t cut Energy Star program