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Flag, Honor Guard disrespected

I am writing to express my disgust at the Swanton Corn Festival Committee in regards to their total disrespect of our American Flag and of the Honor Guard.

This past Corn Festival parade our American Flag along with the Honor Guard did not lead the parade as is has for many decades and where it rightfully belongs. The Flag and the veterans were placed behind the EMS/Fire trucks as well as all of the exhaust. The Honor Guard requested that the line-up be corrected before the parade and were refused.

Proper/official order of precedence is the Flag is first, military second with dignitaries third by rank of office. It is recommended that emergency vehicles end the parade and where they would be in case of need or (if felt necessary) behind the Flag and military.

As a former combat Marine, recipient of two Purple Hearts and as the Commander of the Swanton V.F.W. Post #8598, I feel that the Corn Festival Committee owes an apology to our veterans and every American Citizen for their blatant lack of respect of our American Flag and of the Honor Guard.

Gilbert Urban



V.F.W. Post #8598

Flag, Honor Guard disrespected