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Trustees say separation would be detrimental

We, as the elected representatives of Swancreek Township, would like to comment on the proposed secession of the Village of Swanton from our township.

We were taken aback by the apparent displeasure that the Village of Swanton feels with Swancreek Township as its partner. We both share responsibility for maintaining roads and for helping to fund Swanton Fire and Rescue. Over the last few years, both entities have worked together on several projects and have other projects in the planning stages.

For instance, we are currently working together on the improvements and eventual paving this year of Browning Road/County Road 1-3. Total cost of this project is $106,000.

We are also working together on improvements and paving to Harding Drive. That project is slated for 2017. Total cost of $143,010.

We jointly funded a traffic study of the Airport Hwy./County Road 2 intersection in 2015. The preliminary results show a need for left turn lanes in both directions on Airport Hwy. That potential project could cost in excess of $250,000, and would definitely benefit residents of both entities by providing much needed safety improvements to that intersection.

Swancreek Township itself, recently purchased $140,000 in breathing apparatus for Swanton Fire Department. Their equipment was old and was not compatible with other surrounding departments. We did this because it was the right thing to do.

The above mentioned items total well over $600,000 and are a result of our working together for the betterment of the Swanton Community. If the Village divorces itself from the Township, where does that leave our relationship? More importantly, what does this secession effort do to the Community as a whole? We, the Swancreek Township Trustees believe that this effort will be detrimental to our working relationship as well to the entire Swanton Community!

Ron Holdeman,

Phil Wiland,

Rick Kazmierczak,

Swancreek Township Trustees

Trustees say separation would be detrimental