Vote ‘yes’ on PDY levy

I am writing to encourage the Pike-Delta-York community to support an important income tax levy on the May 4, 2021 ballot. Pike-Delta-York is my school of choice as both a teacher and a parent. It is a school system that brings pride to the community through academics, sports, FFA, art, and music programs. It is critical that this levy passes in order to ensure that our students continue to receive a high quality education and have the opportunity to excel in sports and other extra-curricular activities.

As a teacher for Pike-Delta-York, I have witnessed many changes and advancements in education over the past twenty-one years. Our students attend school inside well maintained buildings, learn with modern technology, and can explore their strengths in a variety of extra-curricular opportunities. Although the world of education has seen changes over the years, some things always remain the same: students’ enthusiasm for learning and supportive parents that always want the best for their children. Over the two decades that I have taught, I am proud to say that I have always had the most positive and supportive parents any teacher could ever ask for.

Not only am I a teacher for Pike-Delta-York Schools, but I also choose to open enroll my children in Pike-Delta-York. As a parent, I love all that Pike-Delta-York has to offer my children. Both of my daughters love going to school each day thanks to the caring teachers and staff that have been part of their lives each year. My oldest daughter thrived in the gifted program throughout her middle school years. Both of my children have enjoyed participating in the Destination Imagination program for over 10 years. They have competed at the local, state, and global levels. My younger daughter loves learning to play her trumpet in band class and hopes to participate in marching band in high school. She also loves participating in track. I appreciate all that Pike-Delta-York has to offer my children.

Without the passage of the levy this May, Pike-Delta-York will have no choice, but to make many cuts that will affect our students: 1 administrator, 10 teachers, and 3 paraprofessionals; 2-3 bus drivers, 1 part time secretary, and 1 network technician.

Elimination of sports and all other extra-curricular activities.

Elimination of the following programs: gifted, Family and Consumer Science at the middle school, 2 year kindergarten, and FFA.

Bus transportation cut to only those students in grades K-8 living over 2 miles away from school (no high school transportation).

Each of these cuts will obviously affect our students and parents in a variety of ways: students’ transportation to and from school, larger class sizes, loss of all sports and all other after school activities, and less opportunities for our students to earn scholarships, just to name a few. School will definitely not look the same for our students without the passage of this levy.

I urge you to please vote YES for the Pike-Delta-York levy on May 4, 2021. Early / absentee voting is now available.

Jennifer Buckenmeyer