Vaccine process coordinated, efficient

Those of us 80 years and older who received the COVID-19 shot would like to thank all the Fulton County Ohio units that worked hard to coordinate under the 1B program. A huge thank you to the Fulton County Senior Center, Fulton County Health Department, Fulton County Health Center, the EMT unit and our Fulton County firefighters.

We called the Senior Center in Wauseon to place our names on a list and then the Fulton County Health Department called us for an appointment time at the Junior Fair Building at the Fairgrounds and asked that we not arrive early.

At 3 p.m. Jan. 21 we turned into Gate B at the Fairgrounds to find people waiting to direct us to the Jr. Fair building where more people were waiting to direct us to park in an orderly way. We grabbed our consent forms that had been offered to print through the county health department website, walked into the Jr. Fair Building where a person checked off our names on a list for 3-3:45 p.m.

The Jr. Fair Building was set up with several six-foot tables, chairs on both sides with vaccine and syringes ready. People took our consent forms, took our temperatures, gave us vaccine shots, filled out the record of received shot forms, directed us to the north end of the building to sit and wait 10-15 minutes. Several firefighters were walking among us handing our cards with the date and time to return for our second shots. Our chairs were in groups of two but six feet apart so we were able to talk with friends while waiting to be released. We all wore masks during this whole procedure.

The administration of the vaccine was 100% coordinated, efficient, and we thank all those who worked so hard to make the 1B Vaccine Clinic in Fulton County, Ohio a success.

Norma F. Thomas-Herr