Time to support St. Luke’s Hospital

While the addition of McLaren to St. Luke’s name is new to northwest Ohio, the legacy of St. Luke’s is not. As a member of the hospital’s board of trustees, I have seen firsthand the commitment to delivering compassionate, quality care that is shared by physicians, nurses and staff members. Today, that commitment is stronger than ever as we begin this new chapter as McLaren St. Luke’s.

As part of McLaren Health Care, our hospital will benefit from significant investments that will enable a higher level of care and services to be delivered right here in Maumee. McLaren has committed more than $100 million to modernize the hospital and support new and expanded services including trauma care, enhanced cardiology services and an updated intensive care unit. These investments will strengthen our local hospital and provide local residents with more choices for quality health care – truly a win-win for our community.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way. Almost immediately after the hospital formalized its affiliation with McLaren, ProMedica’s Paramount health plan terminated its contract with McLaren St. Luke’s Hospital and WellCare Physicians Group, leaving thousands of individuals and families enrolled in Paramount commercial or Medicare Advantage health plans out of network as of Jan. 1, 2021.

There’s no doubt ProMedica’s decision was intended to hurt McLaren St. Luke’s and, make no mistake, it will. However, more concerning are the thousands of patients who will no longer have access to the hospital and doctors they have come to know and trust. By taking this step, ProMedica is limiting choice for its members and disrupting the trusting relationship so many patients have formed with their medical caregivers.

Patients should have a voice in their health care and where they receive it. Fortunately, open enrollment provides some with the opportunity to choose a health plan that guarantees continued access to their preferred hospitals and physicians. However, ProMedica’s decision will leave many others – including those who are already locked into Paramount health plans through their employer – out in the cold.

For more than 115 years, St. Luke’s has served the people of our community well. Now it’s time to support them. Visit www.StandWithMcLarenStLukes.com to learn what you can do.

Bill Carroll

Chairman, McLaren

St. Luke’s Board of Trustees