Honor to address Swanton Elementary

It was recently my honor to address the students and teachers at Swanton Elementary School. I provided an assembly to the students concerning “Overcoming Test Anxiety”!

The students were exemplary in their behavior and courtesy! They were attentive and had excellent, thought out questions afterward about what they had learned about handling stress.

I was also very impressed with the way in which the teachers had decorated the building with road signs like “Polite” and “Respectful”! What a thoughtful and creative way to remind students about how to treat others while serving as gentle reminders concerning behavior.

And the cleanliness of the school grounds was astounding! It is very evident that everyone involved at Swanton Elementary is dedicated to providing a learning environment to the youth of the community. And the students definitely reflect that dedication. Job well done.

Thank you Swanton Elementary for a fun and rewarding visit to your school. I will be delivering four presentations to Swanton Middle School on April 3, including one for parents in the evening dealing with “Raising Successful Students” and am very excited about my return.

Bruce Boguski, President

The Winner’s Edge