Letter to the Editor

Vote no on Issue 3

Swanton Area Community Coalition’s message is very timely since our state is about to vote on the legalization of marijuana. If this issue should pass it would be only natural for our youth to perceive that marijuana is acceptable and safe. This perception would be not only incorrect but also dangerous.

· Marijuana impacts the developing adolescent brain… negatively impacts learning and memory.

· Marijuana impacts school performance… marijuana users earn lower grades, are more likely to skip classes, have higher incidences of suspension/expulsion/dropout rates.

· Marijuana impacts health… can increase heart rate, cause lung/breathing problems and is linked to anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts among youth.

· Marijuana affects coordination, balance, reaction time, alertness and ability to concentrate- increasing risk of injury/death

Don’t forget – the brain is still developing until the early 20s.

The proponents of Issue 3 coupled medical and recreational marijuana in the same issue. While medical marijuana has potential benefits, it should be regulated to have the greatest assistance to those in need. We feel medical marijuana and recreational marijuana should be two separate issues.

Please consider voting yes on Issue 2 to stop constitutional monopolies.

Please consider voting no on Issue 3 to prevent legalization of medical and recreational marijuana.

Thank you for your consideration.

Andrea Smith M.Ed.

Executive Director

Swanton Area Community Coalition

Vote no on Issue 3