Mayor’s Minute

By Ann Roth - Swanton Mayor

I am pleased to announce that the phosphorous removal improvement at the Wastewater Treatment Plant is complete and working well. Phosphorous is the chemical most responsible for the growth of algal blooms in our waterways, specifically Lake Erie. Phosphorous is the active ingredient in fertilizer. The State of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Agriculture, County Soil and Water Conservation Units, the Ohio EPA, and other agencies have established the goal of reducing phosphorous in our waterways by 40 percent over the next four years.

Our improvement at the wastewater plant was mandated by the EPA. The total project amount was $494,000 with the Village of Swanton funding approximately $300,000 of the project cost with the remaining funding obtained through a 0 percent interest loan from the Ohio Public Works Commission.

The village is now in compliance with Ohio EPA requirements in regard to the removal of phosphorous. Steve Giese and Leon Smith are our Water Treatment Plant employees and they do meticulous work keeping our Wastewater Treatment Plant running at the optimum performance levels.

I am also pleased to announce that the Village of Swanton has obtained a grant from the Ohio Municipal Bridge Program to replace the aging bridge on West Garfield Avenue. The grant will provide 95 percent of the estimated bridge replacement cost of $729,000. The Village of Swanton will only be responsible for the remaining 5 percent of the project cost. Although much planning is still required, construction on the replacement of the West Garfield Avenue Bridge is expended to start in the summer of 2018.

By Ann Roth

Swanton Mayor