Not always the wrong place at the wrong time

How often have you and I said something to the effect we were where we were supposed to be at the time. And how frequently have we blamed an event on the fact that we were in the wrong place?

It seems to be human nature to look for a place to put the blame when things go wrong in our way of thinking.

When I worked at CCNO, our regional jail, I was frequently in charge of movement for the shift. Movement? That was being sure those in our care were where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be.

If someone had a medical appointment or a visit, that person had to be escorted from the dorm where they lived to the proper location – be it the medical department, visitation or other location. Hence, the name “movement.”

We never asked the person we were escorting why he was incarcerated, but sometimes he or she just wanted to talk, to share their problem. Some seemed like such “nice” people while in our care Frequently, someone would say, “Aw, Miss Helen, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” In other words, my being here is really not my fault.

But how often do you hear someone say, “I just happened to be in the right place at the right time?”

A lady in our congregation works in a state park and, as a result of the allure of state parks for the public, she sometimes has to work on Sunday. I always miss her and always ask her husband about her. This past Sunday, he didn’t wait for me to ask.

He got out of his car as I was getting myself and Bebe out of my own car.

“She was a hero this week!”

What? How? And he told me what happened.

Having just arrived at work, she was getting out of her car and heard someone call for help.

A mother and two children had rented kayaks. Her son was happily moving but something happened to the mother and daughter in the other kayak and they overturned. As they struggled, they called for help.

His wife heard the cry and repeated the call to whoever might be within earshot as she ran to the waterside. She arrived and picked up a branch lying there. She was able to extend that branch far enough for those in the water to grab hold and hang on. They were pulled to safety.

It wasn’t the way she planned to start her day, but she was in the right place at the right time!

The result? Two lives saved.

It’s easy to blame time and place for events gone wrong. But how easy it is to forget to credit God with His planning of the day when the outcome is good. Good? Wonderful and unexpected might fit better.

Are you waiting for the right time and place to accept Jesus into your heart and life? There will never be a better time and place to accept Him than right now, right where you are. Then give Him all the well-deserved credit because He died on the cross to make that access available to you.