Mayor’s Minute

MAN Unit fights illegal drugs

By Ann Roth - Swanton Mayor

The Fulton County mayors met for the second time this year last Wednesday evening. We meet four to five times per year to keep informed on each town’s issues and countywide issues. It is a great way to enhance relationships within Fulton County, and we are each other’s sounding board for problems and ideas.

Sometimes when we meet we have guest speakers, and this time we had Sheriff Roy Miller and members of the local MAN Unit. MAN is for “Multi Area Narcotics Task Force”, and this group is comprised of several entities. Its purpose is to successfully remove illegal drugs from our streets, and give our children a better place to live.

There are several counties and municipalities in northwest Ohio that they cover, with work by undercover county officers, local police, DEA Agents, Ohio State Highway Patrol Officers, and others who share information not just here in Ohio, but with other agencies across the United States. They explained how a car stopped on the Ohio Turnpike may be transporting hundreds of pounds of drugs, and as soon as the transporters talk a little, they can start placing phone calls and often can pin down the state of origin and the destination of the drug run.

Locally, this group depends heavily on citizen tips and information. From their web site, I have included their message to everyone as follows: The Multi Area Narcotics Task Force, all Sheriffs’ Offices and Police Departments within our jurisdiction accept and appreciate tips from the public. When calling try to be as descriptive as possible. What might seem to be a small detail could be very beneficial in an investigation.

If you suspect or know of someone using or selling illegal narcotics you are encouraged to call. Every effort is made to keep your name confidential. Anonymous tips are accepted, however they can be more difficult for us to investigate.

When calling, the following types of information are helpful:

1. Name of suspect

2. Address of suspect

3. What specific activity did you witness

4. When did the activity take place

5. If referring to a residence; Are there any children present?

6. License number of any vehicle used in the activity

M.A.N. Unit – 419-782-8709 or Contact Us! 800.642.7303.

Local residents need to be their eyes and ears. If you see anything suspicious, call them or call the Swanton Police Department at 419-826-4696. Thank you.

MAN Unit fights illegal drugs

By Ann Roth

Swanton Mayor