Just a small thing can effect big change

Often it is the small things that affect our relationships – with each other and with God.

It’s a small thing to set aside time daily for Bible reading, reflection, and prayer. Yet, how many of us fail to do that! Oh! I’ll read my Bible later, I’ll pray later (unless it’s urgent), I’ll spend time with God later. He won’t care if I put it on delay. And so it goes. Before you know it, it’s bedtime and those important aspects of your life have been neglected one more day.

We were on a short get-away and I had failed to take the atlas along. It was probably just a small sign I missed, but finally I began to think I hadn’t seen my route sign for a long while. There was a police car. I stopped to talk to her and found she was a city policeman and was totally unfamiliar with the US route I was searching for. Her best advice? Go to Walmart and get a map! That didn’t help. I was lost enough; I didn’t even know where Walmart was!

Eventually, I did find my way around her city. Also found a motel – at an exorbitant price! I suspect this whole upset was because I missed seeing one small sign. If I had come into her city on the planned route I’m sure there were motels at or near a major intersection but, instead, I was in curb-to-curb, bumper-to-bumper traffic.

On the Sunday prior to this trip, when I came home from church, I changed clothes and slipped into everyday shoes and socks .

That afternoon, as I walked across the living room, something in the shoe shifted and it hurt! But as those things do, it shifted back and I didn’t correct the problem. This happened several times with my thinking I would take care of it at bedtime.

Bedtime came. The offender lay there quietly, not causing me to even think about it and so, of course, I didn’t take care of it. But on Monday, getting ready for that few days trip, that little thing made itself known again.

I sat down, removed my shoe and shook it. Out came the offending particle! I never did identify it but it was actually about the size of a mustard seed. I dumped it out and went on without even a twinge of pain.

But, I did think about that mustard seed.

As small as it is, the Bible tells us if we have faith THAT size, we can move mountains through prayer. Wow! Think about that. (Matt. 17:20) If your prayers seem ineffective, maybe you need to check your faith meter. Is it running on or near empty?