Staying in the swing of busy Tuesdays

For many years, Tuesday morning has been dedicated to writing this column. After breakfast, devotions and making my bed, I go directly to the computer. Do I get right to the business of writing? Oh, no, I’m not that disciplined! There are a couple of daily jigsaw puzzles demanding to be solved and email to be checked.

But, still! This column is calling my name. Even on mornings when I’m really not sure what I’m going to write.

When Jackie, a boxer dog I got from the humane society, came to live here, she and Peanut, the resident cat, seemed to like, or at least not DISlike, each other. But one evening, I had Jackie on leash and Peanut was outside. Jackie immediately went into the chase-the-cat mode and we didn’t see Peanut for a few days.

Peanut finally came back to the tree overhanging the front porch and made himself known. He did that for a few days and then stopped. We haven’t seen him since.

The neighborhood cat started coming around more often. I suppose she was visiting the Pine Tree Buffet where I put out table scraps after supper.

Once recently, we saw two kittens about half grown come up by the garage when the cat was here. So, I’m assuming the cat and kittens are a family. Though we haven’t seen them together again, the cat is now called Tomicita instead of just Tommy.

Other animals also come to feed after dark. I don’t know who or what they are, but regardless of what I put out it is gone by morning. Last night, I tossed out the remaining unsalted peanuts that had been around for too long. This morning, they were all cleaned up. I’m sure Tommy didn’t eat all of that.

Yesterday morning, he/she sat on the deck awaiting breakfast. You see, where I throw out table scraps, if there are any, my roommate puts out actual cat food. Now, along with preparing a column, there is the need to look for the cat and feed as necessary.

Once the column is written and I have proofed it a couple of times, I send it in via email. Then I await a response saying they have received it. Now, the day is mine to do as I please.

What I please to do is usually not much, but there is time available. Hmmmm! Wonder if I shouldn’t use some of that free time to read my Bible and be better prepared for daily life. You see, though accepting Christ into my life gave me salvation, I must spend time with Him in order to grow in my Christian life. Each of us has that need.