Mayor’s Minute

New game played by youth

By Ann Roth - Swanton Mayor

At the most recent council meeting, a presentation was given by a Swanton Area young man telling us about a new game popular with teens and young adults. It is a game produced by Google Maps which is defined as an augmented reality game. It is called Ingress, and it is an app on a mobile device that shows locations of “portals,” meaning landmarks, in the real world using the device’s GPS radio and Google Maps.

The objective of the game is to capture a portal, which earns your team points. A player actually must be at the site of the portal to earn the points. The portals are all public places which have a significance in any town. The game could be compared to a scavenger hunt, which are great fun.

The reason I want to tell readers about this game is that the youth playing it may be reappearing in the same locations over and over in any given day when they are playing. The Swanton Police have been contacted by citizens concerned over repeated visits to certain sites by the same youth. The police have spoken to the kids, have an understanding of the game, and are aware now and want our citizens to be aware also. It is fun for the kids, and there is no harm being done. If you care to know more about the game, there is an information sheet you can get at village hall.

New game played by youth

By Ann Roth

Swanton Mayor