Courthouse News


Ruth A. Hite, Delta, interfered with movement of other traffic, $190 fine plus court costs.


Joseph D. F. Schultz, trustee to Joshua C. Ford, 3040 US 20A, Swanton, $95,000.

John Ball trustee to William J. and Carol L. Reau, 1025 County Road EF, Swanton, $118,000.

Ellen Lewandowski to William A. and Catherine M. Pluciniczak, 308 Fulton St., Swanton, $134,500.

Cory Skates to Michael K. Michael, 4611 County Road 5, Delta, $44,000.

Ronald J. and Jeanne M. Majerowski to Michael J. Snyder, 90 W. Dodge St., Swanton, $64,500.

Scott A. and Peggy L. Sullivan to James and Lindsay Robinson, 105 Monroe St., Delta, $150,000.

Mark D. Nightingale to Nicholas M. and Jacqueline M. Savage, 2785 County Road 6, Delta, $165,000.


Jesse J. Keller, 23, Delta, stocker and Jennifer N. Golden, 18, Delta, unemployed.

Justin M. Robinson, 28, Swanton, sheet metal and Ashley E. Tipping, Toledo, sales associate.

Brian A. Gruhler, 21, Delta, package handler and Alexandria D. Godsey, 26, Delta, student.

Stephen W. Doseck, 27, Swanton, teacher and Nicole R. Linhart, 25, Swanton, nurse practitioner.

Tyler W. Blesch, 27, Swanton, electrician and Kathryn E. Roth, 25, Swanton, home maker.

Ryan A. Damazyn, 23, Swanton, factory worker and Amanda G. Garcia, 23, Swanton, day care teacher.

Brandon J. Truckor, 26, Swanton, farmer and Heidi C. Hilton, 26, Swanton, pharmacy technician.