Update given on sewer separation project

The Village of Swanton recently provided another update on the Project 7 Sewer Separation project. As of late last week, the project was still running on time.

As of Monday the contractor, Smith Paving, had poured most of the driveways on Church Street. Rain on Friday and into the weekend, put a damper on plans to have them all poured.

All the drives are formed and stoned, and the road is still closed.

Milling was slated to begin Friday for the south side of the project (Harrison, Lawrence, and E. Garfield) with dig out for trench repair on Monday. As a reminder, residents will have to drive through the 1.5-inch trench digouts until Wednesday Oct. 10 when the contractor is scheduled to begin to put asphalt in the trench, so there will be bumps all the way down Harrison, Lawrence, and Garfield.

Villages officials said they appreciate the understanding of those who live on those streets during this whole project but especially this last phase of the project.

Digging out of Chestnut Street at the intersection of Harrison Avenue was slated to begin on either Monday or Tuesday and include about an hour of closure. The crew will plate the trench so the road will remain open after their work is complete.