Roth challenged by Moore in Swanton mayoral race

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Ron Moore

Ron Moore

Ann Roth

A retired Swanton police officer is challenging the incumbent in the Swanton mayoral race next month. Ronald Moore seeks his first political office, as current mayor, Ann Roth, looks for a second term.

Name: Ronald D. Moore

Marital Status: Married; wife Pam, Children; Tracey, Dusty, Misty, Grandchildren; Chris, Adam, Collin, Connor, Chase and Hunter

Civic Organizations: N.W.O. Law Dogs LE/MC Board of Directors, Sargent of Arms, American Legion Member

Education: Ohio Peace Officer, Firefighter, EMT, FEMA Certified, First Line Supervision Certified, Fire Arms Instructor

1. Why are you running for office?

The police and fire departments need someone with experience in their field to guide them. The mayor’s job in the village is to be the supervisor of police, fire and the administration. The administrator’s job is to supervise the water, waste water, streets and day to day duties to run the village. I am the best qualified for public safety and I am first line supervision certified.

2. Why should people vote for you?

I have over 25 years of public service with police and fire. I am a compassionate person who cares how this village runs. My knowledge of the law will help the Village of Swanton make the right decisions for day to day business. My training in First Line Supervision will help me make the right decisions. I am FEMA certified. This will aid in any disaster the village may have.

3. What are your two main goals if elected?

Making sure the Village of Swanton is fiscally sound. Police and fire are two things not to cut. It is one of the few services we give back to taxpayers. I want every resident to be safe and secure. I will bring back honesty, integrity and professionalism to the Village of Swanton.

4. Have you ever held office before?


5. Do you have anything else to add?

Most of you know me; I have been an officer or a chief for 16 years on Swanton’s police department. I also have 10 years being a firefighter and EMT. I have lived in Swancreek Township since the Blizzard of 1978, in the Village of Swanton since 1995. I have been retired for four years and I want to continue doing community service. I am FEMA certified. Honesty, integrity and professionalism is what I have to offer for the position of mayor of the Village of Swanton.

Name: Ann Roth

Marital Status: Married to Allen Schmidt

Age: 56

Education: Wauseon High School, University of Cincinnati

Civic Organizations: Member of Rotary, Past Chairman of Swanton Area Chamber of Commerce, Fulton County Emergency Management Assn., LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Commission), Swanton Tree Commission, Swanton Planning Commission, Ohio Mayor’s Assn.

1. Why are you running for office? I am seeking another four years to continue the progress I have initiated such as aesthetic improvements of village properties, improved zoning, improvements and maintenance of our urban forest, fiscal responsibility, and to insure that Swanton staff has the equipment, continuing education, and support of a mayor who supports them. I have a positive attitude, and I have many resources because of my relationships throughout Fulton County to lead Swanton forward.

2. Why should people vote for you? I have developed good relationships with so many citizens who felt in years past that they were not being heard. I have also developed great rapport with civic clubs such as Lions Club, Rotary Club, Swanton Chamber of Commerce, Boys Scouts, The American Legion, the Swanton Schools, and Fulton County Officials which is imperative to being successful as a village and realizing that progress is made only when we all work together.

3. What are your two main goals if elected? I have many goals, most of which have been ongoing for the past four years. Top priority is ensuring that our employees are continually receiving education to be the best they can be at the services they provide us. Secondly, we need to be diligent about improvements in our sidewalks, parks, and streets as we continue to separate sewers and are involved in various construction projects. Third, we will keep our fiscal position strong, and appropriate money properly to replace equipment and maintain all village properties in an excellent manner.

4. Have you held office before? Yes, being mayor of this great village. I am the first and only elected official in Fulton County that has been FEMA certified in National Incident Management to assist in a disaster situation, and I am on the executive board of the Fulton County Emergency Management Assn.

5. Do you have anything else to add? As the supervisor of police and fire, I want to tell our citizens that both of these departments are doing a terrific job. At my request and with my full support, both departments have increased their knowledge by attending continuing education classes, most which are available for free through Fulton and Lucas counties, and from Owens Community College and Northwest State Community College or their associations. Also at my direction, both police and fire have updated and improved their standard operating procedures and standard operating guidelines, plus both departments have excellent equipment and vehicles. Fire Chief Myers and Deputy Chief Roytek have attained pyrotechnic licenses and both have become fire inspectors, thus enabling our Fire Dept. to manage all aspects of fire service within our own department. Police Chief Adam Berg and Sergeant Tyler Gearig are dedicated officers who continually train and lead our new officers. Our water plant has completed the GAC improvement, meeting the new EPA standards and removing taste and odor issues, and our wastewater plant has also been improved with a phosphorus removal upgrade. Other accomplishments of the last four years have been the completion of an emergency waterline, the overpass, and sewer separations. I will increase my writing of newspaper articles to keep citizens informed, and will implement other forms of communication to all residents.

Ron Moore Moore

Ann Roth Roth

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