Train horn blares for over an hour in Swanton

By Drew Stambaugh -

A train horn kept many Swanton residents up Wednesday night as it blew continously for over an hour. It started just after 11 p.m. and continued until after 12:30 a.m.

It all started as a Norfolk Southern train crew was assembling a consist of four locomotives in Swanton for transport to a yard at Elkhart, Ind., to provide them with power to pull trains, according to Jonathan Glass, Norfolk Southern Manager Public Relations.

“While the crew was working, the horn on one of the engines experienced an electrical defect, causing it to blow continuously. The train crew reported the issue, and an NS engine maintainer was called in. The closest engine maintainers to Swanton are based in Toledo, about 25 miles to the east, and it took time for the maintainer to respond.”

Once there, the maintainer disabled the horn. The locomotive was moved to one of Norfolk Southern’s shops for repair, Glass added.

“NS responded as quickly as possible to fix the issue,” said Glass. “We apologize to residents for any inconvenience the blowing horn might have caused.”

By Drew Stambaugh