Courthouse News


Ashley L. Todd, Delta, speeding, $125 fine.

Christopher A. Ryan, Delta, no valid operator’s license, $150 fine plus court costs, under community control until Oct. 7, 2016 and perform 15 hours community service.

Marsha S. Russell, Delta, disorderly conduct, $100 fine plus court costs, under community control until Sept. 29, 2017 and perform 30 hours community service.


Ryan P. and Rose M. McDonald to Mary P. Cherry, 3935 County Road 2, Swanton, $178,500.

James A. Lehman by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to Deutsche Bank, N. A., 1205 County Road D, Swanton, $76,000.

Katherine J. Vaaler to Arlen E. and Susan L. Miller, 20 Crabtree Court, Swanton, $174,500.

Jackie M. Persinger and Jason Tipton to Tyler Hutton and Sasha Wilson, 533 Wood St., Delta, $97,000.

Denise L. Watson, trustee to Nicholas E. and Phonesavanh Chapman, 2262 County Road E, Swanton, $236,000.

Donald and Ann Smith to James R. and Jennifer M. Smith, 412 Maplewood Ave., Delta, $55,000.

Jeremy M. Gillen to Trevor L. and Jessica A. Gilbert, 503 Adrian St., Delta, $116,000.

Timothy P. Beatty et al to Carol Arnett, 107 Elm St., Swanton, $124,900.

Thomas O. Gerity to Wendy K. Gerity, 309 N. Madison St., Delta, $120,000.

Najarian-Munson Road, LLC to Ronald J. and Sandra K. Wisniewski, joint survivors, land on S. Munson Road, Swanton, $34,000.

Najarian-Munson Road, LLC to Ronald J. Wisniewski Jr., land on S. Munson Road, Swanton, $32,000.


Kadir Ari, 27, Delta, merchandise supervisor and Catalina M. Gonzalez, 25, Delta, ride host.

Austin L. Abbott, 22, Swanton, manager and Julia A. Wanous, 23, Swanton, recreation coordinator.

Travis M. Dowling, 29, Swanton, truck driver and Rachel L. Mossing, 25, Swanton, accountant.

Steven W. Sanders, 35, Swanton, truck driver and Michelle L. Langenderfer, 38, Swanton, home maker.

Bobby R. Hutchins Jr., 48, Swanton, self employed and Stephanie M. Addicott, 45, Swanton, self employed.

Austin J. Reiner, 24, Swanton, factory worker and Shaunna N. VanderMeer, 22, Swanton, waitress.