4-H offers pre-fair results

Staff report

The Fulton County 4-H Program announces the following pre-fair judging results. The categories are Honorable Mention (HM), County Winner (CW), and State Fair Representative (SFR).

Accessories for Teens – Arielle Bernal, HM

Active Sportswear – Jenna Hallett, SFR, CW

All About Dogs – Josie Spires, SFR, CW

All Systems Go! – Elizabeth Theobald SFR, CW; JoBeth Daniels, HM

Am I Ready for Work? – Morgan Helminiak, CW; Zacharias Siefker, CW

Archery – Shooting Sports, Jr. – JoBeth Daniels, SFR, CW; Andrew Gillen, CW; Jack Borton, HM; Ezekiel Borton, HM

Archery – Shooting Sports, Sr. – Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW; Luke Borton, HM

Arcs & Sparks, Jr. – Walter Hallett IV, HM

Arcs & Sparks, Sr. – Laurel Garbers, SFR, CW

ATV Safety – Mason Muhlenkamp, CW

Basic Archery – Baylee Willis, SFR, CW

Beekeeping – Aaron Mora, SFR, CW

Beyond the Grill – Kaden Sanford, CW

Cake Decorating – Haylee Smith, SFR, CW

Dress-up Outfit – Mollie Newcomb, CW

Designed By Me – Elizabeth Reber, SFR, CW; Alana Morr, HM

Em*bel*ish – Allena Crossgrove, SFR, CW

Every Day Food and Fitness, Jr. – Luke Reinhard, SFR, CW; Jack Borton, HM

Every Day Food and Fitness, Sr. – Rayna Schmidt, SFR, CW

Explore the Outdoors – Micah Rossman, SFR, CW; Levi Short, HM

Family History Treasure Hunt, 1st Year – Madeline Dietrich, SFR, CW; Jenna Stanton, HM

Fast Break for Breakfast – Konner Sanford, CW

First Aid in Action – Ruby Monahan, SFR, CW

Fishing for the Intermediate – Luke Borton, SFR, CW; Nicholas Mazurowski, HM

Focus on Photography, Jr. – Olivia Beck, SFR, CW; Maycee Beers, CW

Focus on Photography, Sr. – Cassandra Lee, CW; Daria Powell, HM

From Airedales to Zebras – Irelyn Hug, SFR, CW; Olivia Rossman, HM

Get Started in Art, Jr. – Ezekiel Borton, CW; Brookelynn Miller, HM

Get Started in Art, Sr. – Alyssa Russell, SFR, CW; Sydney Fahrer, HM

Global Gourmet – Jessica French, SFR, CW; Matthew Manson, CW

Grill Master – Aaron Miller, SFR, CW

Grow Your Own Vegetables – Macy Gerig, CW

How Does Your Garden Grow – Lily Reynolds, CW; Estella Hilyard, HM

Hunting – Shooting Sports, Sr. – Sydney Kohler, SFR, CW

Insect Adventures – Jack Borton, SFR, CW; Wesley Michalek, HM

It’s My Home – Mylee Rochelle, SFR, CW

Keeping Fit – Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW

Let’s Bake Quick Breads, Jr. – Jack Borton, SFR, CW; Allie Herman, HM

Let’s Bake Quick Breads, Sr. – Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW

Let’s Start Cooking – Abagail Wyse, SFR, CW; Paul McQueen, CW; Caroline Sterken, HM

Magic of Electricity – Landon O’Dell, SFR, CW; Katie Moore, HM

Make Over My Space, Jr. – Danielle Carr, SFR, CW

Make Over My Space, Sr. – Taylor Caudill, SFR, CW; Jenna Stanton, HM

Measuring Up, Jr. – Caleb Wanemacher, SFR, CW; Brody Shehorn, HM

Measuring Up, Sr. – Claire Hutchinson, HM

My Favorite Things – Emersen Hutchinson, SFR, CW

Nailing it Together, Jr. – Chet Meyer, SFR, CW

Nailing it Together, Sr. – Angela Garbers, CW; Isaac Ballmer, HM

Not Just Knots – Ezekiel Borton, SFR, CW

Ohio Birds – Eli Mora, SFR, CW

Outdoor Adventurer: Beginning Fishing – Zachary Puehler, SFR, CW; Trey Weirauch, HM

Party Planner – Riley Studenka, CW

Pathways to Culinary Success – Lindsey Crossgrove, SFR, CW

Pet Rabbit – Orion Shreve, CW

Pistol – Shooting Sports – Mark Snyder, SFR, CW

Pocket Pets – Wesley Michalek, CW

Purrfect Pals – Cody Strickler, CW

Quilting the Best Better – Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW

Rifle – Shooting Sports, Jr. – Lilly Herr, SFR, CW

Rifle – Shooting Sports, Sr. – Morgan Kohler, SFR, CW; Emily Herr, HM

Robotics 1 – Connor Sintobin, CW

Rockets Away- 2 liter bottle – Landon O’Dell, CW

Rockets Away- Solid fueled – Macy Hoylman, CW; Nathaniel Emmons, HM; Connor Sintobin, HM

Safe Use of Guns – Austin Gillen, SFR, CW; Nathan Michalek, HM

Science Fun with Flight – Jaden Hinz, CW

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry – Nicole Stein, CW; Zach Smith, HM

Scrapbooking, Sr. – Arika Zieter, SFR, CW

Scrapbooking, 2+ years Sr. – Nichole Wilson, SFR, CW

Self-Determined, Jr. – Paige Radel, SFR, CW; Riehanna Seiler, CW; Nathan Michalek, HM; Lauren Shumaker, HM

Self-Determined, Sr. – Lydia Heilman, SFR, CW; Alexandra Gillen, CW; Emily Hill, CW; Izabella White, CW; Luke Cross HM; Lydia Heilman, HM; Conner Johnson, HM

Self-Determined Creative Arts – Avery Monahan, SFR, CW

Self-Determined Leadership – Izabella White, SFR, CW

Self-Determined Natural Resources – Riehanna Seiler, SFR, CW

Sew Fun, Jr. – Adrienne Borton, SFR, CW; Lexi Short, CW; Tara Crossgrove, HM; Alli Corbin, HM

Sew Fun, Sr. – Sydney Fahrer, CW

Snack Attack – Addison Zientek, SFR, CW

Sports Nutrition Ready Set Go! – Maureen O’Neal, SFR, CW; Hannah May Borton, HM

Star Spangled Foods – Mina Weshe, SFR, CW

Sundresses and Jumpers, Jr. – Chloe Cole, SFR, CW; Caroline Sterken, HM

Sundresses and Jumpers, Sr. – Sophia Meyer, CW; Arika Zeiter, HM

The Laundry Project – Emma Vaculik SFR, CW

The Writer in You – Carisa Hoffman, CW; Jenna Stanton, HM

Tops for Tweens – Clarissa Smith, SFR, CW

Tractors, Jr. – Mason Muhlenkamp, SFR, CW

Tractors, Int. – Anthony Pelton, SFR, CW

Tune it Up – Kaleb Barnes, CW

Welding – Laurel Garbers, SFR, CW

Wheels in Motion, Level 2 – Oliver Seibert, CW

Yeast Breads on the Rise – Lindsey Crossgrove, SFR, CW; Madison DeSantos, HM

You and Your Dog Companion Animal – Makayla McKenzie, SFR, CW

You and Your Dog – Elizabeth Mignin, SFR, CW

You Can Quilt, Sr. – Arika Zeiter, SFR, CW; Leah Cole, HM

Your First Home Away from Home – Nichole Wilson, SFR, CW

Your Thoughts Matter – Wade Armstrong, CW

You’re the Athlete– Katie Fritsch, SFR, CW

Outstanding Photography Project – Olivia Beck

Outstanding Woodworking Project – Angela Garbers

Staff report