Courthouse News


Nicholas L. Ford, Delta, safety belt violation, $81 fine.

Cody G. Long, Delta, attempted theft, $100 fine plus court costs, 30 days in jail with credit for nine days served, under community control until Sept. 22, 2018, defendant must complete Drug / Alcohol Assessment and Recommended Aftercare, defendant is placed on reportable probation for two years, is not allowed to consume or possess alcohol or illegal drugs for two years and perform 30 hours community service.


David Lumbrezer to Ryan D. Lumbrezer, 305 Clark St., Swanton, $61,750.

Ricky T. and Patricia A. Babcock et al by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to US Bank, N. A., 4433 County Road D, Delta, $96,667.

Chad Bowser to Jason A. and Donna Divoll, 114 W. St. Clair St., Swanton, $89,000.

Dorothy Galbraith to James M. and Teresa A. Nofziger, 10620 County Road N, Delta, $72,000.

Eric L. and Linda M. Wagener to Andrew R. Watson, 102 Valleywoods St., Swanton, $114,900.

Connie L. Graber to David E. Forgy, 425 Monroe St., Delta, $107,500.

Nicholas E. Chapman to Kevin Benarth, 2223 County Road J, Swanton, $141,900.

Patrick O. and Roxanna Curtin to Matthew R. and Mary E. Houser, 1731 County Road E, Swanton, $157,000.

Linda A. Nara and Karen Grams, trustees to Linda A. Nara, trustee, acreage near CRs 6 and L, Delta, $701,624.

Linda A. Nara and Karen Grams, trustees to Mary S. Lee et al, acreage near CRs 5 and L, Delta, $842,643.

Linda A. Nara and Karen Grams, trustees to Karen Grams, trustee, acreage near CRs 4 and L, Swanton, $504,452.