Gypsy moth treatments set for this week

Staff Report

Gypsy moth treatments have been scheduled for this week in Swanton by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The first applications of treatments with Gypchek are planned for both the northeast area of Swanton and the Valleywood Golf Club area.

On Wednesday, the village was informed that treatment will begin on Thursday morning.

The northeast Swanton area is roughly bounded by the Ohio Turnpike, Birch Street, Parkside Drive and N. Fulton Street. The eastern half of Valleywood will be treated.

Gypchek contains the gypsy moth nucleopolyhedrosis virus. It is not dangerous to people, animals or beneficial insects, according to the ODA.

The focus will be suppression. The Suppression Program is in areas where the gypsy moth is well established and treatments are performed at the voluntary request of the landowners.

Ohioans can view maps of treatment blocks at When the project begins, daily updates on treatment progress across the state will be available on the website or by calling 614-387-0907 or 1-800-282-1955, ext. 37, any time after 5 p.m.

Gypsy moths are invasive insects that defoliate over 300 species of trees and shrubs. In its caterpillar stage, the moth feeds on the leaves of trees and shrubs and is especially fond of oak.

Staff Report