Common Pleas Court

Metamora State Bank, Metamora, vs. Mark Murar, Lyons, foreclosure.

Elaine C. Davis, Wauseon, vs. Donald R. Lumbrezer, Swanton, domestic violence.

Christina Orner, Swanton, vs. Thomas Hough, Wauseon, other civil.

Real Estate Transfers

Timothy and Karen B. Grominicki to Joshua and Victoria Palenske, 108 Black Canyon Drive, Swanton, $220,000.

Theodore P. Howard, successor trustee, to Elijah N. and Carly Howard, 9016 County Road 10-2, Delta, $74,340.

Michelle Kummer to Charles Veacock and Heather L. Vorraber, 105 Cherry St., Swanton, $133,000.

Shrull Farms LLC and Janis S. Hunt to Raymond M. and Julie A. Szabo, County Road 4 and County Road M, Swanton, $256,000.

Gregory L. VanGunten, successor trustee, to Douglas B. and Beverly S. Schmitz, 115 Peachtree Lane, Swanton, $10,000.

Rodney S. and Marion Webb to Jose and Sierra-Dearr Arroyo-Gutierrez, 5198 County Road 5-2, Delta, $59,500.

Patricia A. Bradford to Kim R. and Laurie A. Bradford, trustees, 110 E. Garfield Ave., Swanton, $79,700.

Franklin G. and Jennifer M. Keller to Bethann R. and Simon John A. Lumbrezer, 6075 County Road H, Delta, $225,000.

James M. Jr. and Judy A. Price to Cory A. and Emily Creque, 8942 Brookside Lane, Delta, $210,000.

John R. Bay, successor trustee, to Andy Vilaysone, 102 Main St., Delta, $62,022.