Threat reported at Swanton Middle School

A Swanton Middle School student was taken to the Swanton Police Department Thursday following what the superintendent’s office described as threatening comments.

According to the message from the superintendent’s office, a student at Swanton Middle School made threatening comments during one of the lunch periods. This incident was quickly reported to the administration of the school and the Swanton Police Department was called in right away to investigate.

During the investigative process statements were gathered from students who overheard the comments and the student in question was taken to the Swanton Police Department. A search of the student, his belongings and his locker revealed no weapon.

“In these troubling times it is imperative that students understand that threatening comments are treated with the utmost urgency and they are always reported to the police,” said the message from Superintendent Chris Lake. “The consequences of making threats toward the school, its students and staff involve not only school related discipline but also have legal ramifications.”

The administration also said it wants to commend the students who immediately reported this incident. It was stressed that all threats brought to attention of administrators will be dealt with immediately in partnership with the Swanton PD. Students, parents and community members are urged to report anything suspicious to the school administration and/or the Swanton Police Department.

“Watchfulness on all of our parts will help to keep our schools safe. Thank you,” the message concluded.