Marriage Licenses

Michael W. Leady, 57, Swanton, sales, and Melissa M. Erickson, 46, Swanton, student.

Chuck R. Veacock, 48, Swanton, transportation, and Heather L. Vorraber, 46, Swanton, administrative assistant.

Real Estate Transfers

Jeffrey A. and Rachel L. Oglesbee to Derrick and Taya Rosonowski, 702 Palmwood Ave., Delta, $113,000.

Natalie Palitta and Megan Palitta to Leo M. Kellermeier, 2294 County Road 2, Swanton, $20,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio to Phillip L. and Mary C. Watts, 103 Black Canyon Drive, Swanton, $22,000.

Daniel J. Waite to James E. Frye Sr. and Jane C. Vollmar, 610 Fernwood St., Delta, $115,000.

Kelly J. Priester to Charles and Lisa M. Snodgrass, 103 Cherry St., Swanton, $106,000.

Andy R. Schultz and Rebecca Wilson to Jerry Smith, 207 Fulton St., Swanton, $43,000.