Fulton County wins Health at Work Award

The Fulton County Wellness Committee was recently notified that they were chosen as the recipients of the ComPysch Corp. 2017 Health at Work Award for their outstanding wellness initiatives. The Wellness Committee recently presented the award plaque to the Board of Commissioners during their regular session.

Winners were selected based on their wellness program’s comprehensiveness, delivery, promotion, participation rates and results achieved.

“What made Fulton County stand out was their creativity in promotions (such as “Fuel Your Day” and “Stall Talk”) and the way they integrated mental health/well-being aspects within their program,” noted Jennifer Hudson, PR Manager ComPsych Corporation. ComPsych, a Fulton County vendor through County Employee Benefits Consortium of Ohio (CEBCO), is the world’s largest provider of employee assistance programs.

There were four categories of winners recognized based on size and Fulton County won in the 101-2,500 employee category.

“The Fulton County Wellness Committee’s mission is to provide all members with the tools and support to become healthy and productive individuals in work and life,” stated Laura Howell, Fulton County Organizational Development Director and Chair of the Wellness Committee. During the presentation to the Commissioners, Howell expressed appreciation for their support as well as the other electedofficials in giving the Wellness Committee the freedom to be creative with wellness challenges, resources and rewards for employees.

Earlier in 2017, Fulton County Wellness also received the “Wellness Warrior Award” from CEBCO.

“Our wellness committee is exceptional,” Howell said, “They are committed to providing an investment of resources and time to promote physical activity, nutrition and overall wellbeing to Fulton County employees.”

The Wellness Committee has planned organized walks with a virtual walk option, the “Fuel Your Day” healthy workplace snacking initiative, biometric screenings, lunch and learn educational programs, a Waist Watcher program, on-site yoga classes, and facility wellness messaging at elevators for employees and the public as well as through the use of Stall Talk. Additionally, through support of county leadership and at the recommendation of the Wellness Committee, there were several standing desks purchased for employees throughout the county.

The wellness program is funded through an annual grant awarded through CEBCO, which amounted to $9,760.00 in 2017. The planning and programming is orchestrated by a Wellness Committee comprised of Howell, Jennifer Connors (Deputy Auditor), Rachel Kinsman (Health Department), Toni Schindler (Board of Commissioners), Sharon Morr (Fulton County Health Center) and Melissa Rupp (Ohio State University Extension-Fulton).