Swanton park smoking ban moves forward

Two more readings required

Staff Report

Swanton Village Council passed the first reading of an ordinance prohibiting smoking in village parks at a relatively quick meeting last Monday.

According to Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle the village received some messages from residents and community members inquiring about no smoking in the parks.

“It’s more than just putting up a sign so it was brought up at a Public Service Committee and their recommendation was to present legislation to ban smoking on municipal grounds, including parks,” said Hoelzle.

The ordinance would amend the Section 36.02 of the codified ordinances, which deals with smoking. It would prohibit smoking in the municipal building on Chestnut Street and in other village owned facilities.

It would also prohibit smoking in village owned parks except in designated areas. There are currently no designated areas, but it allows for them in the future.

Two more readings are required for passage of the ordinance.

Earlier this year, Wauseon passed an ordinance banning smoking in city parks.

Council also passed the third and final reading of an ordinance concerning tree commission amendments, and second readings for 2018 dog warden services, prosecutorial services and solicitor services.


The Public Service Committee discussed paper alleys, which are alleys listed on maps but not necessarily being used as alleys. Some were grass and some were blocked by trees or buildings.

Discussion was had on what could be done with the alleys including possible vacation or paving.

The Public Safety Committee discussed the operation of low speed vehicles. Proposed legislation would include a new chapter in the traffic code.

It would allow no golf carts unless as part of a parade, prohibit crossing of Airport Highway or any railroad crossings, require seat belts, and a minimum user age of 21. Driving along Main Street, Airport Highway, Hallett Avenue and Brindley Road could also be prohibited.

The full council would need to approve the legislation.


Hoelzle reported that a meeting was scheduled to discuss the standing water that is present on Clark Street following the sewer separation project.

She also reported an update on the Airport Highway storm sewer project. The village is still working with the contractor to keep costs below the budgeted amount. Hurricanes had driven up costs.

Two more readings required

Staff Report