Forgiveness and Happiness Day planned

The 24th annual National Forgiveness & Happiness Day is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 7, and organized by the Positive People Partners-Center Of Unconditional Love (PPP/COUL) of Northwest Ohio.

“We are asking people everywhere to enjoy reading our ‘True Happiness Plan’ for great joy, inner peace, good health, and well being, and to Pay It Forward by sending the 77 words of wisdom to as many people as possible in celebration of the event,” said PPP/COUL founder and president Bob “Mr. Happy” Moyers of rural Liberty Center.

According to Moyers, the program is designed to stop negative thinking and to reduce and eliminate the action of self-righteousness which is perhaps the greatest problem we have in the world today when it comes to seeing the good in people and the world.

“Effective communications take place when we speak the truth with love and compassion, ask good questions, listen with understanding, and think in silence,” said Moyers who founded the first National Forgiveness Day in 1994 in Fremont, Ohio.

“To produce true happiness we need to see the good, stop looking for the bad, avoid having to be right, avoid being judgmental, avoid trying to control people, and avoid being self-righteous and selfish,” said Moyers.

The Northwest Ohio celebration will take place at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 7, at the rocking chairs on the front porch of the Cracker Barrel Restaurant at Dussel and Ford in Maumee. Additional information is available by calling 419-533-4191 or visiting the PPP/COUL web site at The email address is