Water meter update planned in Swanton

The Village of Swanton will embark on a multiyear meter upgrade project beginning the week of Sept. 25.

Currently meters are read monthly by the Public Service Division crews walking door to door. This upgrade will allow radio reads to be placed on meters and subsequently will make the meter reading procedure more efficient.

The first phase involves approximately 500 homes. During the September meter reading (week of September 18-22) if a customer will be part of this phase, a postcard will be placed in the respective mailbox. All Public Service Division crews carry a Village ID. If there is a need to enter the home to perform the upgrade, the Village employee can provide the ID prior to entrance.

The Village of Swanton officials say they are looking forward to this project as it will allow for a much more streamlined and efficient practice. If there are any questions, contact the Village of Swanton Municipal Office at 419-826-9515.