Swanton Tree Commission shares gifts, information

Corn was the main attraction at the 2017 Swanton Corn Fest, but trees were also on the agenda. The Swanton Tree Commission, an advisory group to the Village Council, was present with gifts for children and information for everyone.

Walt Lange handed out several hundred of Roger DeGodd’s famous-fiber tree cookies, both men all the while explaining the value of trees in our landscapes, forests, and woodlots. Short pamphlets were given out on everything from how to choose a tree, plant it, nurture it, prune it, or remove it.

Mayor Ann Roth, Joyce Miller, and Rickye Heffner stayed busy talking with visitors about their own trees and answering questions. Swanton residents showed their appreciation for trees by their plans to plant trees for shade, wildlife, commemoration of a loved one, or simply for their beauty.

Many visitors were concerned for the health of the many trees in and around the village. After the devastation of ash trees, most people are aware of the dangers of invasive pests.

Most important for the immediate future will be suppressing the outbreak of Gypsy Moths in the northeastern part of

Swanton and the possible citing of an Asian Long-horned Beetle.

Visit the Swanton Village Office for more information on trees and their care during regular weekday hours 8 a.m.-

4:30 p.m.