As school starts, stop for school buses

COLUMBUS– With the new academic year approaching for Ohio students, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is reminding drivers to be alert for stopped school buses that will soon be on the roads again every weekday. Extra patience and attention will help make a safer school year for children statewide.

Motorists should remember to stop at least 10 feet back when approaching a school bus from either side while it displays flashing lights and an extended arm. Do not resume driving until the school bus begins moving. From 2012-14, 4,059 drivers were convicted of failing to stop for a school bus that was loading or dropping off passengers.

“All Ohioans play a part in making it safe for students to load and unload school buses,” said Lt. William N. Bowers, Toledo Post. “Motorists must be cautious when driving near school buses and parents should teach their children to stop and look both ways before crossing the street. The Patrol will do our part by watching for motorists driving recklessly and inspecting school buses.”

The Patrol reminds motorists to plan ahead and allow extra time for these school bus stops. Motorists are urged to exercise patience and never pass a stopped school bus.