Police among local heroes honored at festival

We are quickly approaching Aug. 22 and the Swanton Corn Festival. This year’s theme “Super ‘Ear Rows’ ; Honoring our Local Super Heroes” is bound to be an exciting one as people prepare for their parade float entries.

It is not too late if you want to be in the parade. Contact Denis Lumbrezer at [email protected] if you would like to participate.

The grand marshals for the parade are local first responders. Last week the Fire and Rescue Department was featured; this week the Police Department. The Swanton Police serve quietly, only being noticed when either needed or when unfortunately, someone bend a traffic law a little.

But even then, Corn Festival officials say, area residents should take a step back and thank them for slowing down the traffic or keeping an intersection safe, for it is through those small, daily duties that we avoid tragedy as a community. Most residents don’t see them when they are doing their most dangerous and stressful work- the suicide attempt, the domestic violence call, the drug seizure, the overdose victim, the breaking and entering, or the drunken brawl.

These things happen and they deal with things like this on a daily basis, never really knowing what they are going to face when they answer that call. Working hand in hand with the fire department, the Local Super Heroes are who is depended on if we have trouble and who we rely on to keep us safe; we expect them to be there, and they are.

Serving on the Swanton Police Department is Chief Adam Berg, full-time Sergeants Tyler Gearig, Chris Blosser, Charles Kessinger, Troy Stewart, Zach Shirkey and Anthony Bernal. Serving part-time is Rick Martin, Dennis Sattison, Ed Marckel and Steven Deutschman.