Triennial property review underway

Lucas County residents can challenge value

Property review meetings are being held in Lucas County to coincide with the triennial property value update. On the third year between revaluations the county auditor is to perform an update on the sales that have occurred in the prior three years and provide for a percentage adjustment to properties in a given area.

This year, Lucas County looks at sales from 2012, 2013, and 2014 to determine whether a change in market value has taken place since 2012. Because this is a triennial update, the Lucas County Auditor’s Office will look at sales, not each individual parcel.

The 2015 triennial value change notices are being mailed throughout the summer. Property owners should check the data and value and report any discrepancies to the auditor’s office.

Property owners have the opportunity to report a discrepancy and request a value adjustment by filing a property review. The Lucas County Auditor’s Office, Department of Education and Outreach, can assist property owners in verifying their data, challenging a property value, and scheduling a property review meeting with an appraiser. Just call 419-213-4406.

Meetings will be held at Swanton Township Hall at the corner of Airport Highway and Scott Road on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Other meetings include Providence Township Fire Station, 8149 Main St. on July 23; Whitehouse Village Hall, 6925 Providence St. on July 27-28; Monclova Township Hall, 4335 Albon Road on July 29-30; Sylvania Township Administration Hall, 4927 Holland Sylvania Road on Aug. 5-6; Springfield Township Hall, 7617 Angola Road on Aug. 10-11; and Maumee City Hall, 400 Conant St., Aug. 12-13.

The last day to challenge your property value, as it pertains to the triennial update, is Oct. 15, 2015.

Information on the update is available at

Lucas County residents can challenge value