Marriage Licenses

Eric J. Sadowski, 25, Swanton, farmer, and Emily L. Ferguson, 23, Swanton, social worker.

Scott A. Mitchell, 31, Swanton, landscaper, and Jessica L. Garcia, 27, Swanton, homemaker.

Real Estate Transfers

Aaron J. Stewart and Santana-Stewart Milagro to William G. Sr. and Brenda L. Woodruff, 5730 County Road C, Delta, $127,000.

David P. and Cindy A. Perry to Alejandro Hernandez, 506 Maplewood Ave., Delta $88,500.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Matt Lammon and Trevor Bowman, 4268 U.S. 20, Swanton, $26,350.

Matthew M. and Katherine R. Towers to William J. and Elizabeth R. Gombash, 2425 County Road 3, Swanton, $248,000.

Ronald B. Replogle, successor trustee, to Jerry Smith, 306 McKinley St., Delta, $15,000,

Earl E. and Debra A. Helwig to Gregory L. and Megan E. Barringer, 5657 County Road M, Delta, $172,900.

Thomas K. and Patricia L. Oriordon to Roy E. and Rosemarie Y. Scherzer, 29 Crabtree Court, Swanton, $171,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Lindsay S. and Angela M. Infante, 702 Fernwood Ave., Delta, $43,100.

Erin Demoulin to Kori C. Studer, 5930 County Road D, Delta, $13,000.