Courthouse News

Common Pleas Court

Rachel M. Riehm, Delta, vs. Jeremy D. Riehm, Holland, Ohio, dissolution of marriage without children.

Bank of America, Columbus, vs. Michael Grove, Swanton, other civil.

HSBC Bank, West Palm Beach, Fla., vs. Fred F. Shank II, Delta, foreclosure.

Gregory A. Styer, Swanton, vs. Kimberly S. Styer, Swanton, dissolution of marriage with children.

Heather L. Jenkins, Delta, vs. Daniel E. Langenderfer, Delta, other civil.

Partners for Payment Relief, Newton Square, Pa., vs. William E. Daniels, Swanton, foreclosure.

Midland Funding DE LLC, San Diego, Calif., vs. Anthony French, Swanton, other civil.

Amy Ketring, Swanton, vs. Kevin Ketring, Swanton, dissolution of marriage without children.

Marriage Licenses

Jacob W. Gombash, 26, Delta, sales, and Scarllette P. Johnson, 24, Delta, athletic director.

Real Estate Transfers

Karen M. Hess, trustee, to Jerome and Beverly Spetz, 112 Elmwood Ave., Delta, $78,000.

David W. Rison to Ned L. and Patricia L. Bechtel, 511 Helvetia St. Delta, $28,000.

Cheryl Day to Sidney R. Huffman and Erik M. Fowler, 101 Academy Drive, Swanton, $108,900.

Max W. Stough to Leland and Penny A. Abbott, 4689 County Road 6-1, Delta, $35,000.

Vincent J. Mazur and Teresa M. Avina to William A. and Patricia A. Yates, 9975 County Road 1, Swanton, $167,000.

Tom E. and Constance G. Green to Curtis and Margaret T. Stone, 5800 County Road H, Delta, $204,000.

Nicholas A. Hallett and Kelly J. Neuman to Lucas E. Boehm and Sierra M. Merillat, 206 E. Main St., Metamora, $119,000.

Franklin D. and Easter M. Adkins to Drew R. and Kristi L. Grogan, 7922 County Road 2-2, Swanton, $185,000.