Proposal made for student Chromebooks

Swanton Board of Education members have decided to give more thought to a proposal to place a Chromebook in the hands of every student by the end of the 2016-17 school year.

Currently, the district has approximately 330 Chromebooks. Under the proposal, the remainder would be purchased and rolled out over time.

“This initiative is one that would put a Chromebook device in each of our students’ hands, eventually allowing them to take them home, with the expectation of increasing one’s love of learning,” said Superintendent Jeff Schlade. “The board and administration had good conversation during the public session regarding the roll-out of such a plan.”

After deciding not to vote on the proposal at their most recent meeting, board members asked for more information and evidence of the benefits of such a proposal in addition to what was presented to them at the May meeting by Director of IT, Brandon Schroth.

Under the proposal, families would pay an insurance assessment and at the end of the four-year cycle be given the opetion to purchase the device. Any of the insurance assessment not used for repairs would be used to offset the cost of new devices.

Families will pay an insurance assessment of $35/year (payment plans made available), and at the end of a given cycle (end of senior year, end of 8th grade year, end of 4th grade year), students will be given the option to purchase their device for an additional $35. The insurance assessment not used for repairs would be used to offset the costs of new devices during the given purchase cycles.

The issue will be discussed at this Wednesday’s board meeting and a vote is possible.