Swanton Council considering change to meeting schedule

By Drew Stambaugh - [email protected]

Swanton Village Council is considering changing meeting times for 2023. A change would require a change to village code and rules of council at an upcoming Council meeting, likely the first of the year.

The most likely change would be moving up the council meeting start time to 6 p.m. from 7 p.m. It would involve moving the committee meetings to inside of the Council meeting instead of having them separately. At this time, they are now usually held at 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. prior to regular Council meetings.

Village Solicitor Kent Murphree and Village Administrator Shannon Shulters will draft the new rules and present to Council.

At the Dec. 12 meeting, Council approved a five-year capital improvement plan by emergency. Engine replacement for the fire department, water tower painting, and the long-planned membrane project at the water treatment plant, are among the items included for next calendar year.

Also at last Monday’s meeting, Council approved the installation of a new exhaust ventilation system at the fire department. They passed, on emergency, a resolution approving an agreement with MagneGrip for installation of the system.

The total cost is $68,635, of which $61,904 will be paid through a grant.

A resolution clarifying for the county auditor an assessment and lien were approved for the property at 234 N. Main St. Mayor Neil Toeppe said the property has been “a nuisance property for some time. It’s a garage that had been in disrepair.”

Shulters said the garage was supposed to be taken down in June, but slipped through the cracks. It was ultimately torn down on Oct. 12.

The property owner then had 30 days to pay the bill for demolition. It was not paid, according to Shulters, so now the village approved a lien to cover the $4,500 cost of demolition.

In his report to Council, Toeppe said the first meeting of the new economic development commission would likely be in January.

He also updated Council on potential changes to village codes. Discussed at the most recent plan commission meeting were codes related to zoning, subdivision and site construction, and land usage.

“We’ll be looking at making those changes to our code and getting those things current,” said Toeppe.

The process for updating codes has been underway for about three years, he said.

In her report, Shulters said Christmas in Swanton and the Snowflake Shuffle were a success. “Once everything shakes out from the purchases for the swag and things for the Shuffle itself, I will have came to about $5,000 raised,” she said.

A portion will go to the career class at Swanton Middle School with the rest going toward continuing updates to lights at Pilliod Park.

Shulters also attended a meet and greet for new Toledo Express Airport Director Tim O’Donnell. They plan to meet after the new year to discuss possible ways to collaborate and gain more Village of Swanton exposure at the airport.


By Drew Stambaugh

[email protected]