Fulton Co. United Way becomes more diverse

By Max Householder - [email protected]

The United Way of Fulton County will continue to provide funding for areas of education, income, health, and essential services. However, they are also taking on some new projects.

These new programs were created to help with after school programming, childhood obesity, drug and alcohol prevention, financial literacy, kindergarten readiness (early childhood learning), suicide prevention, and transportation.

As a result, the staff of the United Way of Fulton County feels good about the direction of their organization.

“The 20 agencies funded through United Way of Fulton County provide an additional 28 programs. Thus together, we provide a diverse network of services that all work together to address the entire well-being of the Fulton County community,” said Executive Director Gina Saaf.

One of the new exciting things provided by the United Way this past year was the childhood obesity prevention program called “Serving Up My Plate” which took place at Wauseon Elementary School (WES).

In partnership with the Fulton County Health Department, “Serving Up My Plate” was implemented in third grade classrooms at Wauseon and involved educating children about healthy eating.

Furthermore, this school year the organization is piloting another childhood obesity prevention program to compliment Serving Up My Plate, according to Saaf.

This new endeavor is called “Crunch Out Obesity,” and it will refresh the importance of healthy eating and exercise in our daily lives. Crunch Out Obesity will also take place at WES.

There was also an after school program that debuted at Swanton Middle School this past year.

“I am very excited about the direction United Way of Fulton County is going,” said Saaf. “We are providing valuable programs and services to rebuild individuals and families who have fallen on hard times, as well as providing solutions that will create change and build a stronger community.”

Outside of their new endeavors, United Way will still put an emphasis on their five main programs: Pack To School, Imagination Library, Help Me Play, Cancer Care Program, and the Community Care Program.

Pack To School provides school supplies to underprivileged children in the county to promote academic success. Also dealing with education, Imagination Library promotes reading proficiency by delivering educational books to children’s homes each month from birth through age five.

Help Me Play funds youth recreation activities that put an emphasis on teamwork, fair play, and sportsmanship. The Cancer Care Program focuses on giving aid to cancer patients in regards to transportation, medication, supplements, etc.

The Community Care Program gives assistance to families struggling as a result of a medical condition or major illness.

To find out more about United Way of Fulton County and the services they provide, visit www.unitedwayfultoncountyoh.org.


By Max Householder

[email protected]

Max Householder can be reached at 419-335-2010

Max Householder can be reached at 419-335-2010