Grant awarded for area behavioral health center

OhioGuidestone has been awarded nearly $8,000,000 in two separate federal grants to develop Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers (CCBHC) in both the Four-County region in Northwest Ohio (which includes Williams, Fulton, Defiance, and Henry Counties) and Cuyahoga County.

An important feature of the CCBHC model is that it requires crisis services that are available around the clock. CCBHCs are required to provide a comprehensive array of behavioral health services so that people who need care are not caught trying to piece together the behavioral health support they need across multiple providers.

“Improving accessibility to care is one of our top priorities at OhioGuidestone and these grants enable us to get people into care quickly with 24/7 crisis care. We are excited to build on this model and grateful to be recognized as a trusted agency to execute and deliver,” said Brant Russell, President and CEO of OhioGuidestone.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) CCBHC model is designed to ensure access to comprehensive behavioral health care, as well as care coordination with physical health care providers, social services, and the other systems in which they are involved. CCBHCs are required to serve anyone who requests care for mental health or substance use, regardless of their ability to pay, place of residence, or age – including developmentally appropriate care for children and youth.

Core services of the CCBHC model include:

• Crisis Services

• Treatment Planning

• Screening, Assessment, Diagnosis & Risk Assessment

• Outpatient Mental Health & Substance Use Services

• Targeted Case Management

• Outpatient Primary Care Screening and Monitoring

• Community-Based Mental Health Care for Veterans

• Peer, Family Support & Counselor Services

The grants for OhioGuidestone provide four years of funding to the Four-County and Cuyahoga County CCBHC programs, totaling $3,820,472 and $4,000,000, respectively