Courthouse News

Marriage Licenses

James McCurdy, 67, Sherwood, retired, and Karleen Holland, 77, Archbold, retired.

Alexis Nicole Frazier, 25, Wauseon, pharmacist, and Levi Rosales, 28, Wauseon, accountant.

Daniel Sallows, 59, Lyons, EMT medic, and Sara Fuller, 54, Lyons, HR.

Kaitlin Ruetz, 27, Swanton, 911 dispatcher, and Blake Parker, 27, Delta, township employee.

Mark Rosene, 54, Wauseon, quality engineer, and Rhonda Davis, 53, Wauseon, custodial.

Real Estate Transfers

Marcy Keefer to Daniel and Rachel Neri, 1932 County Road E, Swanton, $279,900.

Stefanie Hoffman, trustee to Nancy Perkins, 25 Crabtree Court, Swanton, $282,500.

Beverly Schmitz to Stephen and Brooke Culpepper, 6194 Winding Way, Swanton, $415,000.

Miles Szymanski to Richard Alfsen, 5463 County Road 2, Swanotn, $228,000.

Kristy Miller, trustee to Trent and Alisha McNutt, 15856 County Road N, Wauseon, $215,000.

Paula McCance to Gary and Luann Pennington, co-trustees, County Road T, Fayette, $287,017.

Scott and Cheryl Grisier to Nathan and Valerie Besaw, 16370 U.S. 20A, Wauseon, $100,000.