Board approves new athletic trainer

Staff Report

Among actions at the Swanton Board of Education meeting Wednesday was the approval of a contract for student-athlete trainer services and several personnel items.

The board approved the contract for Delta Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine to provide student-athlete trainer services to the district. It is a two-year term at $18,500 per year.

Delta Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine will be responsible to cover football practices, varsity home and away football games, home fall sporting events, home and away boys varsity basketball games, all home winter sports events, and all home spring sports events.

Also, a voluntary student-athletic training program will be developed.

Personnel items approved included a two-year contract with Tim Ford as assistant principal for Crestwood and Park Elementary Schools. Current Park Principal Paulette Baz will serve as principal of both schools, following the departure of Crestwood Principal Angela Belcher to Pike-Delta-York Schools.

Also approved were certified one-year contracts for the 2016-2017 school year for Brianna Bergman, middle school intervention specialist and Ashley Hendrix, second grade teacher.

One year classified contracts for the upcoming school year were approved for James Dickman, study hall monitor at Swanton High School; and Marla Kusz, library aide. Kimberly Fish was approved as home bound instructor and tutor.

A large number of supplementals were approved, including Paulette Baz for additional duties associated with being principal of both Park and Crestwood schools; Mike Vicars, head football coach; Caitlin Creps and Sharon Marvin, high school basketball cheerleading; Joseph Nye, senior high school annual; Jennifer Schmidt, Destination Imagination coordinator; Kristina Newman, junior high girls track and cross country coach; Tim Spiess, assistant football coach and strength and conditioning coach; Ryan Vicars, assistant football coach; Scott Floyd, freshman football coach and assistant wrestling coach; and Nick Tschantz, reserve baseball coach.

Other business

• The board approved by a 3-2 vote the renewal of a contract with Chartwells Dining Services for the upcoming school year. Chris Nijakowski and David Smith voted no.

The contract calls for an increase in management frees per the Consumer Price Index. With the current CPI at 2.6 percent, Swanton will see a 2 percent increase.

• The board approved 17 donations, including $2,200 from Swanton Parents Club to Park Elementary Principal’s Fund and $2,900 from Swanton Parents Club to Crestwood Elementary Principals Fund.

• The board recognized Kim Floyd for her work in organizing class trips to Washington D.C.

• The board approved an energy management and control system service agreement with Direct Digital Corporation at a cost of $24,305 for the school year.

•The board approved a one-year agreement with LEAP to provide services to students with emotional and behavioral disorders. The 2016-17 school year will be the second year the district has used LEAP.

This transition was made in order to reduce bus time for our students, save costs in service and transportation, and to try an alternative service provider for our students, according to the board report. District officials feel the transition was a success on all fronts.

• The school calendar was changed to have the quarter end Jan. 16 instead of Jan. 12.

Building reports

In her June report, Park Elementary School Principal Paulette Baz told the board of year-end field trips students took, that included visits to Sauder Village, Imagination Station, and Seven Eagles Historical Education Center. The third graders also took their annual walking trip around the village as they study local governments and communities.

Matt Smith, middle school principal, reported that the eighth grade students had an outstanding trip to Washington D.C.

“I want to thank all of the students for their exemplary behavior and especially the parents chaperones who helped make it such a pleasant trip,” he said. “We were complemented by a museum worker, bus driver, tour guide, and a hotel guest regarding how we carried ourselves during the trip.”

Jason Longbrake, high school principal reported that graduation went great. He also reported that the high school gym floor is being refinished. The original gym floor has never been sanded down and repainted.

There will be updated logos and official colors used. It is expected to be completed by the end of June.

Staff Report