Courthouse News

Marriage Licenses

Alexandra R. Milano, 26, Archbold, teacher and Travis J. Geahlen, 25, Archbold, nurse.

Kristinana Hammye, 18, Metamora, none, and William Thomas Jr., 19, Lyons, customer service.

Morgan Dembowski, 22, Delta, graduate student, and Jacob Stutz, 24 Delta, videographer.

Catlin Snyder, 21, Fayette, bakery associate, and Sergio Melendez, 21, Fayette, assembly worker.

Drake Eichler, 19, Morenci, medication technician, and Kade Brown, 20, Adrian, cook.

Lucas Scott, 28, Wauseon, ironworker, and Nikkole Bettinger, 30, Wauseon, custodian.

Aaron Grajczyk, 34, Delta, candy packer, and Christina Achinger, 33, Delta, medical assistant.

Heather Moore, 31, Archbold, manufacturing, and Jenni Herrin, 29, Archbold, manufacturing.

Justin Morris, 26, Wauseon, painter, and Hayden-Dawn Adams, 18, Wauseon, DSP.

John Finney, 52, Delta, machinist, and Paula Clark, 55, Delta, cosmetologist.

Shelby Shellhammer, 24, Morenci, activity director, and Larry Barron, 29, Morenci, machine operator.

Abigail Catlin, 23, Wauseon, general labor, and Nicholas Brown, 27, Wauseon, general labor.

Amy Jo Miller, 28, Delta, physician assistant, and Tyler White, 31, Delta, Ohio Department of Transportation.

Jenna Ash, 21, Onsted, Mich., university recruiter, and Ryder Price, 21, Onsted, Mich., construction worker.

Bennie Looney, 67, Fayette, retired, and Kathy Perry, 73, Wauseon, retired, Wauseon.

Common Pleas Court

PNC Bank National Association, Miamisburg, Ohio, vs. Richard D. Morris, Wauseon, foreclosures.

Wells Fargo Bank NA, Fort Mill, SC, vs. Christopher Nawrocki II, Delta, foreclosures.

Danny Wiebeck, Wauseon, vs. Linda Wiebeck, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage without children.

Angelina M. Barnes, Toledo, vs. Michael R. Barnes, Delta, termination of marriage without children.

Karen A. Noward, Metamora, vs. David M. Noward, Metamora, termination of marriage without children.

Mario Rodriguez, Bryan, vs. Andrea Weislek, Perrysburg, other civil.

Republic Finance LLC, Indianapolis, vs. Brian K. Wheeler, Wauseon, other civil.

Cory K. Casey, Archbold, vs. Kelsey-Hayes Company, Livonia, Mich., workers compensation.

Ramyras Gaiziunas, Fayette, vs. Amanda Gaiziunas, Fayette, termination of marriage with children.

Mark A. Hall, Delta, vs. Pamela M. Hall, Denmark, S.C., dissolution of marriage with children.

Cardinal Financial Company, Lake Zurich, Ill., vs. Austin S. Barker, Archbold, foreclosures.

Lakeview Loan Processing LLC, Coral Gables, Fla., vs. Robin R. Combs, Archbold, foreclosures.

National Collegiate Student, Peachtree Corners, Ga., vs. Richard S. Phillips, Delta, other civil.

Farmers and Merchants State Bank, Archbold, vs. Kevin L. Demeter, Archbold, other civil.

ProMedica Health System Inc., Toledo, vs. Emily C. Stereff, Delta, other civil.

ProMedica Health System Inc., Toledo, vs. Robin R. Combs, Archbold, other civil.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Virginia Beach, Va., vs. Emily S. Riegsecker, Wauseon, foreclosures.